The Regional Center for Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, P.C.

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Patient Review By Jo Jo T

I have an upcoming extraction next month, which will be my 2nd out of this office. I was very impressed with the whole staff's willingness to make you feel comfortable while you are in there care. Penny was excellent, very knowledgeable to anything you ask her. The dentist, made me feel like I was in very good hands. I recommend to anyone that has any dental work to be done, go you want regret it...

- Jo Jo T

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Patient Review By Rusty D

I am the type of person that does not like the dentist. When I arrived they made me feel welcome and joked around with me and my wife. Very clean and comfortable office. Checked other places to have surgery and they were double the price even with insurance. They even call to check on patient after surgery. Highly recommend!!

- Rusty D

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Patient Review By Dianna Y

Going to a dentist is always hard but the staff and dr made my visit very easy and made me feel so relaxed. You feel like a part of the family here. Would recommend them to anyone.

- Dianna Y

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Patient Review By Shawn S

A great place to come everyone was friendly and nice

- Shawn S

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Patient Review By Marlene W

I just want to say that everyone at this office was awesome!!!

- Marlene W

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Patient Review By Lindsey D

Even though I hated having my wisdom teeth removed the staff and surgeon made me feel so much more comfortable about the procedure and I knew that I was going to be taken care of with the upmost quality. This place is absolutely great and I am so glad that I made the decision to come here for my procedure!!!

- Lindsey D

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Patient Review By Amber W

They are very professional. I love how much they care about their patients.

- Amber W

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Patient Review By Nikki Z

The staff and Dr.Witkowski are great. Had a good experience with my procedure and they all made me feel comfortable and at ease.

- Nikki Z

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Patient Review By Veronica J

Penny is awesome. She has such a wonderful disposition. Dr. Witkowski is such a wonderful doctor. I love coming here. Thank you.

- Veronica J

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Patient Review By Ricky M

Very good and treated me nice

- Ricky M

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Patient Review By Lori H

Penny is a sweetheart she is awesome and made my experience a less scary procedure

- Lori H

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Patient Review By Maranda B

Thank you guys very much, you rock at what you do!

- Maranda B

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Patient Review By Madison N

The whole staff made me feel comfortable and not anxious at all. Very friendly and fun.

- Madison N

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Patient Review By Lori M

This has been my first experience with this practice, and it has been great. If I ever need an oral surgeon again, I will definitely seek care here. The physician was super-kind as well as all of the staff, and their extraordinary care and expertise was very evident in the services I received. I've had a couple of not-so-great experiences in the past at another practice, but Dr. Witkowski's office has truly earned my customer loyalty for any future needs. God bless you, Doc, and all of your staff, and thanks again for being there to help me when I was in so much pain.

- Lori M

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Patient Review By Charles R

I appreciate the friendliness of the entire staff responsible for my surgery. Staff was excellent and doctor was great. Cristy and Jessica and Penny especially! and doctor was professional kind and really helped my recover process with there're professional work etiquette and dedication. First time in 12 years I have had no pain an experience that is priceless, thank you.

- Charles R

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Patient Review By Justin G

Chrissy and Jessica done a awesome job Thank You

- Justin G

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Patient Review By Sarah G

I had a great visit

- Sarah G

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Patient Review By Sandra P

Dr Witkowski was very friendly and all staff was courteous.

- Sandra P

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Patient Review By Kayla D

Everyone was super nice and made me feel confident and at ease with my procedure. I appreciated the fact that Penny took time out of her day to answer questions that I had about my surgery days after it was completed, this helped ease my anxiety. Dr. Was awesome and loved his personality! I would definitely come back!

- Kayla D

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Patient Review By Jennifer A

Everyone here was very friendly and helpful , they made everything very clear so I knew exactly what was going to take place before and after.

- Jennifer A

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“Amazing Dr and staff 5 stars no doubt didn’t have a problem at all.”
— Caleb O.
“Everyone here is so kind and helpful. I will definitely recommend Dr. Witkowski to other people.”
—Amanda S.
“Excellent office with professional and caring staff! I would not go anywhere else.”
—Cheryl R.
“Most professional practice with a loving staff, attentive, and professional. Great doctor!”
—Katie E.
“An excellent Doctor who explains in layman terms all your questions. His staff is also very caring.”
—Sandi B.
“Dr. Witkowski and his staff offer the best in oral surgery and implants. For over twenty years, he has been providing excellent care to people in the tri-cities area. I worked over ten years for a dentist in Johnson City and Dr. Witkowski was one of two oral surgeons we always recommended to our many patients. To this day, he would be my oral surgeon of choice. His knowledge and expertise in his field is second to none.”
—Jacqui L.
“Dental Implants changed my life!  I can finally eat steak and corn on the cob again and don’t have to worry about my dentures!  I can now enjoy smiling again!”
— Ed W.
“I now have a second chance at life!  I might proudly say this is LIFE after 65!  I highly recommend Dr. Witkowski and his staff.”
— Margaret M., Implant Patient
“Dental Implants have built my confidence!  I no longer have to worry about eating an apple.  Thank you Dr. Witkowski!”
— Elizabeth F.
“I don’t have to worry about my flipper moving all around anymore now that I have a dental implant.  I would recommend Dr. Witkowski and his staff to anyone getting a dental implant!”
— Chris G.
“Dr. Witkowski thank you so much for being a caring person to your patients.  It was refreshing to know that doctors still have such a nice attitude to their patients!”
— Peggy G.
“Thank you for all of your kindness shown to me as your patient.  I have NEVER been treated as kindly as I was by you and your staff.  Each and every part of my experience was positive and reassuring.  I’ve been recommending you to everyone!”
— Vicky S.
“I would like to thank all of the people that helped make my visit the most comfortable it could have been.  The doctor had great bed side manner, the scheduling coordinator had great telephone etiquette, being friendly, informing and professional, the assistant made me feel so much better, and she talked to me and understood how I felt.  My overall experience was great!  I was very impressed with this office and will let anyone I know needing work done about Dr. Witkowski.”
— Whitney S.
“Thank you Dr. Witkowski and your staff of wonderful nurses for taking such excellent care of me this week.  It was a pleasure meeting all of you and I just want to thank you again for the EXCELLENT care you provided.  As nervous as I was about everything, you literally made it all a snap for me!”
— Julie B.
“Thank you so much for making my experience a good one!  All my worst fears were for nothing-you all made me very comfortable and there was no pain whatsoever.  I especially appreciate the way each of you put me at ease…I felt like you all knew what it was like to be on the other side of the surgical mask.  Thank you so much for all the wonderful care and understanding you gave me!”
— Joy B.